Physical Therapy Can Help Even When “It’s Just a Little Injury”

Knee Pain

Sometimes people injure themselves in ways that seem fairly minor. A pulled muscle, a strained tendon, or a nagging pain that is pesky, but certainly not life altering. It is often assumed that such pains are just to be expected from time to time and that the expert help of a physical therapist simply isn’t warranted. However, this couldn’t be more wrong! See some common misconceptions about “little” injuries…and how a physical therapist can help.

“I’ll just put some ice on it.” – We’ve all heard this advice when it comes to treating injuries. However, that little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing! Ice is good in some situations, but not in others. For example, muscle spasms generally should not be treated with ice. Injuries involving connective tissue are also not best treated with ice. A physical therapist knows the body, understands different types of pain, and can apply the best corresponding treatments. You will not risk treating pain the wrong way when you consult with a physical therapist.

“I really don’t need an evaluation, do I?” Actually, yes – an evaluation is recommended. Sometimes a seemingly simple injury becomes more complex as more is learned about the history of the injury or pain. The pain may be in the ankle, but the cause of it may be one of several. Knowing how the injury happened, when pain originated, and other such things can be very helpful in not only the treatment and healing process, but also to potentially avoid a similar situation in the future. It’s important to treat pain in the short-term, of course. But it’s even more important to discover the root cause and prevent future occurrences.

“I don’t have time for appointments or to do exercises.” It’s hard to make time in our busy lives for something unexpected. It’s even harder, though, to live with pain long-term. That “little” pain that is pesky now can easily become a bigger problem over time if not cared for properly. It’s better to prevent risk of long-term complications by treating the injury correctly the first time around.

Put yourself first. Do unto you as you would wish for those you love. Take time to care for yourself properly – both short and long-term. Life with less pain will be your reward.

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