Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I need a prescription from my doctor to go to physical therapy?

A: Montana is a direct access state, which means a prescription from your doctor is not necessary for you to be evaluated by a physical therapist. However, many insurance companies do require that you have a prescription from your referring doctor. A prescription is always required for Medicare coverage.

93256971_sQ: Will my insurance cover physical therapy?

A: Insurance plans vary in coverage of physical therapy services. Our office staff will happily assist you in determining your plan’s physical therapy benefits; or, you can call your insurance carrier to check your plan’s coverage.

Q: What should I bring for my first visit?

A: You should bring the prescription from your referring doctor, if you have one. You will need your insurance card. If you have an insurance co-pay; this should be paid at the time of service. Please bring a list of your current medications. In case of an automobile accident or worker’s compensation claim, bring any relevant contact names, phone numbers and claim number.

Q: Can my PT see me for injuries other than the injury I was referred for?

A: Your therapist can evaluate and treat for other injuries without a prescription. However, many insurance providers will require a prescription for payment of services. This is always the case for Medicare and Worker’s Compensation.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Dress comfortably. Your therapy treatment may include some amount of stretching or strengthening and you will want to wear clothing that you can move in easily. If you were referred for a knee brace, please wear gym shorts. Shorts and gowns will be available during your session if needed.

Q: Are Northern Rockies Physical Therapy and Northern Rockies Orthopaedics the same business?

A: Although the therapists at Northern Rockies Physical Therapy work closely with the orthopedic surgeons at Northern Rockies Orthopaedics, they are separate businesses. If you have an appointment in both clinics, you will be asked to fill out paperwork in both offices for your initial appointment. Therapy appointment times are often coordinated with physician appointment times for patient convenience.

Q: How long will my appointments last and how often will I go to therapy?

A: Your first appointment and follow-up appointments will typically be scheduled for 45 minutes. For your first visit, please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to complete paperwork. Frequency of visits will vary depending on diagnosis, referral instructions and the plan set up by your therapist during your first visit.

Q: Can I pay my bill over the phone?

A: Yes. Payment with Master Card, Visa and Discover card can be accepted over the phone.

Q: What should I do if I am running late for my appointment?

A: Please call the clinic at (406) 543-0617 if you are going to be late for your appointment. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, your appointment can be rescheduled.

Q: If I am sick, should I come in for my appointment?

A: Out of courtesy for other patients and staff, we ask that you reschedule your appointment if you are ill. You will not be charged for the visit if you call to cancel or reschedule before your allotted treatment time.