Now That You’re Back Out There…

Now that you’re all recovered and our expert physical therapists have helped you Get Back Out There, what’s next? Many of our patients get right back on their bikes or skis. Some get right back to playing basketball and football. A few even jump on airplanes and travel the world!


Skye Everett first came in to see us to help stay on top of her soccer game. Since she Got Back Out There, Skye traveled to the Dominican Republic through the organization Casas Por Christo to help build a house. While there, she rocked her Northern Rockies Physical Therapy t-shirt!

Skye Dominican Republic

Skye helps build a house in the Dominican Republic.

We want to know where have you gone and what have you done since you graduated from NRPT! Let us know by sending a brief explanation and a picture of you Getting Back Out There to! Bonus points for wearing an NRPT shirt, or including your NRPT lanyard or water bottle in the picture!

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