NRPT Physical Therapy Facilities

Physical therapist and patient in the NRPT main Missoula clinic facilityNorthern Rockies Physical Therapy (NRPT) is a leader in collaborative physical therapy care. We have two facilities designed to work with other health care professionals to provide the most effective and comprehensive care for your rehabilitation needs.

Our main physical therapy clinic is located on the Community Hospital campus and works closely with orthopedic physicians and their staff. It is over 2,100 square feet with numerous windows to enjoy our beautiful city during your therapy sessions. The clinic provides ample exercise equipment to assist you in recovering from surgery or injury. Our therapists can easily establish an exercise program that you can duplicate at home, a health club or the school weight room with confidence. We also have specialized equipment on site to help maximize performance of sports and recreational activities, or for advancing balance skills for life or sport. In addition to our large gym area, we have private treatment rooms and a hand therapy room for your custom splinting and hand therapy needs.

We have several options for pain control and/or swelling reduction, including ultrasound, electrical stimulation and compression pumps. For your back and neck rehabilitation, we have a cervical and lumbar traction table to assist in your recovery.

Health Options Clinic - a second NRPT facility in Missoula

NRPT has a large inventory of ankle, knee, and shoulder braces, with experienced therapy staff to assist in proper use and fitting, and efficient and experienced office staff to work with you and your insurance company. In addition, our pricing is frequently the lowest in the Missoula area.

Our second location is in the Health Options building on South Russell (across from the YMCA), where our therapist works alongside chiropractors, a massage therapist and an acupuncturist. It provides a private, relaxed environment with exercise and rehabilitative equipment and the care of a highly skilled physical therapist.