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2016 NRPT Scholarship Winner is Brenna DeMarois

Northern Rockies Physical Therapy (NRPT) is proud to announce Brenna DeMarois as the 2016 Northern Rockies Physical Therapy Scholarship recipient. She is a graduating senior at Sentinel High School and plans to attend Montana Tech and study Biological Sciences. DeMarois initially planned to study hydrology in college, but an internship with Garden City Harvest workingContinue Reading

Avoid Injury By Using Care When Carving

By JENNIFER HELMER, CHT, and Co-Owner of NRPT October is National Physical Therapy Month. Ironically, increased hand injuries occur this month in both children and adults. These injuries coincide with Halloween, a time when pumpkins are carved and candles are lit. Below are some helpful hints for a safe holiday, according to the American SocietyContinue Reading

Physical Therapy Can Help Even When “It’s Just a Little Injury”

Sometimes people injure themselves in ways that seem fairly minor. A pulled muscle, a strained tendon, or a nagging pain that is pesky, but certainly not life altering. It is often assumed that such pains are just to be expected from time to time and that the expert help of a physical therapist simply isn’tContinue Reading

Quick Tips to Avoid Pain at Your Desk

When we think of pain resulting from work, we usually think of jobs that require heavy lifting, standing for hours, and similar physically demanding situations. Desk jobs sound pretty “cushy” in comparison. Believe it or not, a 9-to-5 desk job can cause strain on your legs, elbows, wrists, back or neck.  When you spend aContinue Reading