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BY RACHAEL KAY, MSPT, CSCS – Time is flying by and spring will be here before we know it. From gardening to sporting activities, spring brings many reasons to go outdoors. It also puts us at the mercy of the Montana elements. Whether you are participating in an activity or just enjoying watching others, it isContinue Reading

Ready, Set, Run!

BY ANNA BOAL, DPT – Physical Therapist at NRPT The sunny weather has finally arrived! Time to fire up the BBQ, uncover the boat and trade our sweaters for short sleeves. For many of us, that also means finding a way to get back into shape after a few months of “fitness hibernation.” Whether you’reContinue Reading

How To Protect Your Back During Spring Cleaning

BY TARA WILSON, MSPT, OCS, CSCS – Physical Therapist at NRPT Spring is just around the corner and you know what that means – time for cleaning out closets and getting back to yard work and gardening. After a dreary winter, you may be in a hurry to be more active and, as a result, you might just overContinue Reading

Avoid Injury By Using Care When Carving

By JENNIFER HELMER, CHT, and Co-Owner of NRPT October is National Physical Therapy Month. Ironically, increased hand injuries occur this month in both children and adults. These injuries coincide with Halloween, a time when pumpkins are carved and candles are lit. Below are some helpful hints for a safe holiday, according to the American SocietyContinue Reading

Keep Your Head Down & Swing Easy for a Successful Golf Game

As the weather continues to warm and the grass greens, many of us will be hitting the links this summer and fall in search of those birdies and pars. Montana has a plethora of great golf courses to explore but injuries can prevent us from enjoying the sport we love. With a relatively short golfContinue Reading

Warm Up To Throw, Don’t Throw To Warm Up

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of prevention for a successful and pain free baseball or softball season, it’s time that we discuss warm up and strengthening drills to incorporate into your season.   The following are the general rules for a proper warm-up and cool down sequence on the field for the upper extremities:Continue Reading

Fit, Comfort, Safety!

Cycling is a big part of our community. Whether you ride a mountain bike, road bike, or commute on a bike, there are several factors to consider for making cycling more enjoyable this summer. Proper fit of your bicycle is important to consider in order to decrease tissue stress, injuries, and pain. The “Proper Fit”Continue Reading