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Warm Up To Throw, Don’t Throw To Warm Up

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of prevention for a successful and pain free baseball or softball season, it’s time that we discuss warm up and strengthening drills to incorporate into your season.   The following are the general rules for a proper warm-up and cool down sequence on the field for the upper extremities:Continue Reading

2015 NRPT Scholarship Awarded to Sentinel Senior

Northern Rockies Physical Therapy (NRPT) is proud to announce Sentinel High School Graduate, Sydney Pasternak, as the 2015 Northern Rockies Physical Therapy Scholarship recipient. As a local business, NRPT understands the importance of giving back to the community. With many graduates, including Pasternak, planning to pursue higher education this fall, Northern Rockies Physical Therapy providesContinue Reading

You’re a Stand Up Person: You Deserve a Stand Up Desk

By CLAY SPRINGMEYER So, you’ve made it to work. You’re two cups of coffee deep, the neurons are starting to fire, and you brought your headphones to work today, you rebel. You’re ready to saddle up and ride your desk chair into the sunset in a gallop of productivity. Then you sit. When you sitContinue Reading

Prevention Is Key for a Successful and Pain Free Baseball or Softball Season

  It is spring time in Montana, or so you might think.  Our weather can change in an instant from sandal weather to snow.  If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes and it will change! This is also the time of year in which we start putting away the snow mobiles, skis,Continue Reading

Physical Therapy Can Help Even When “It’s Just a Little Injury”

Sometimes people injure themselves in ways that seem fairly minor. A pulled muscle, a strained tendon, or a nagging pain that is pesky, but certainly not life altering. It is often assumed that such pains are just to be expected from time to time and that the expert help of a physical therapist simply isn’tContinue Reading

Avoid Accidents in Winter Weather

Now that Western Montana is in the throes of winter, it’s time to consider injury prevention so you can safely enjoy the season. With temperatures ranging from freezing to sub-zero, there is no doubt we Montanans will encounter an abundance of snow and slick ice. Unfortunately, when everyday activities must be performed in wintery conditions,Continue Reading

Prevent Shoulder and Back Injuries When Shoveling Snow

Montanans are no strangers to snowfall, and those heavy piles of snow and ice left behind to clear from sidewalks and driveways are not only a nuisance, they can be dangerous. As we’ve already seen this year, we may be in for a precipitation filled winter, so before you bundle up and head out toContinue Reading

Tips for Avoiding Injury by Using Proper Lifting Techniques

The holidays are a time of cheer and joy, but being laid up with a back injury as a result of routine holiday activities can take the festivity right out of the season. Simple activities such as baking your holiday meal, setting up your brand-new gift, or even routine decorating can put a real strainContinue Reading