Avoid Injury By Using Care When Carving

By JENNIFER HELMER, CHT, and Co-Owner of NRPT October is National Physical Therapy Month. Ironically, increased hand injuries occur this month in both children and adults. These injuries coincide with Halloween, a time when pumpkins are carved and candles are lit. Below are some helpful hints for a safe holiday, according to the American SocietyContinue Reading

Back to School: The Cross Country Edition!

Northern Rockies Physical Therapy’s, Kristin Green, DPT, OCS and Annie Boal, DPT, recently visited the Big Sky High School Cross Country Team to present exercises and information about common running injuries, running mechanics, injury prevention, and running performance enhancement.     Kristin and Annie met with several members of the team following the presentation toContinue Reading

Summer Camp with Jen and Rachael!

Each summer presents the opportunity for hundreds of girls to visit the University of Montana and attend the Lady Griz Volleyball and Basketball camps.  For many years, Northern Rockies Physical Therapy has had the pleasure to provide information on injury prevention, strength training, dynamic warm-up, and sport-specific training at these camps.  This year, Jen and Rachael got toContinue Reading

Keep Your Head Down & Swing Easy for a Successful Golf Game

As the weather continues to warm and the grass greens, many of us will be hitting the links this summer and fall in search of those birdies and pars. Montana has a plethora of great golf courses to explore but injuries can prevent us from enjoying the sport we love. With a relatively short golfContinue Reading

Now That You’re Back Out There…

Now that you’re all recovered and our expert physical therapists have helped you Get Back Out There, what’s next? Many of our patients get right back on their bikes or skis. Some get right back to playing basketball and football. A few even jump on airplanes and travel the world! *** Skye Everett first cameContinue Reading

Warm Up To Throw, Don’t Throw To Warm Up

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of prevention for a successful and pain free baseball or softball season, it’s time that we discuss warm up and strengthening drills to incorporate into your season.   The following are the general rules for a proper warm-up and cool down sequence on the field for the upper extremities:Continue Reading

Rotator Cuff (RTC) Strengthening & Cool Down

Rotator Cuff Strengthening: Prior to and during your softball or baseball season, it is important to strengthen your rotator cuffs to prevent injury. The following exercises will help keep you injury free and playing your best game. Repeat this sequence of exercises 2-3 times per week. High to Low Rowing D. PNF Lift External RotationContinue Reading

2015 NRPT Scholarship Awarded to Sentinel Senior

Northern Rockies Physical Therapy (NRPT) is proud to announce Sentinel High School Graduate, Sydney Pasternak, as the 2015 Northern Rockies Physical Therapy Scholarship recipient. As a local business, NRPT understands the importance of giving back to the community. With many graduates, including Pasternak, planning to pursue higher education this fall, Northern Rockies Physical Therapy providesContinue Reading

Fit, Comfort, Safety!

Cycling is a big part of our community. Whether you ride a mountain bike, road bike, or commute on a bike, there are several factors to consider for making cycling more enjoyable this summer. Proper fit of your bicycle is important to consider in order to decrease tissue stress, injuries, and pain. The “Proper Fit”Continue Reading

You’re a Stand Up Person: You Deserve a Stand Up Desk

By CLAY SPRINGMEYER So, you’ve made it to work. You’re two cups of coffee deep, the neurons are starting to fire, and you brought your headphones to work today, you rebel. You’re ready to saddle up and ride your desk chair into the sunset in a gallop of productivity. Then you sit. When you sitContinue Reading