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From Our Customers

“Northern Rockies Physical Therapy takes the time to personalize each athlete’s rehabilitation program to accommodate your family’s schedule and the athlete’s priorities. Patient care and personalized follow-up are top-notch. Progressive monitoring and goal-oriented benchmarks lead to outstanding results.” ~ Kash

“Northern Rockies physical therapy was a great experience for me. Their expertise in rehabilitation after an injury was better than I could have anticipated. Choosing to do physical therapy at Northern Rockies in Missoula was one of the best moves I’ve ever made. I returned to the playing field two months prior to the expected date after knee surgery. I would recommend anyone that needs help with physical therapy to pursue Northern Rockies. They helped me get back on the field and pursue my dream of playing in the NFL.” ~ Dan


“I am so thankful for the tremendous staff at NRPT. From diagnosis to setting a regimen for prevention, Chad always had my best interest in mind. Being a top notch athlete himself, I found his skills and training program extremely valuable. I actually miss these fun folks now that my knee is feeling better! I am back to 100% and I have NRPT  to thank.” Krista played for the Lady Griz from 1995-2000; 1 year professional basketball in Virum, Denmark (2000-2001) ~ Krista


“I want to express my gratitude to Northern Rockies PT. They have worked with my sons now for several years. I am very pleased with the knowledge and clinical skills that the therapists have. The expertise was second to none and I have confidence that whoever choses Northern Rockies will be greatly satisfied with the work that is done there. Awesome job to Northern Rockies PT.” ~ Paul


“Northern Rockies PT is a place where the staff genuinely care about your recovery and try to make the recovery process as smooth as possible. They are community driven and community involved and truly love what they do as physical therapists.” ~ Sterling